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『American Archivist』Vol. 71, No. 2

米国アーキビスト協会の機関誌『American Archivist』Vol. 71, No. 2(2008年秋冬号)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Institutional Repositories and the Institutional Repository: College and University Archives and Special Collections in an Era of Change
 Elizabeth Yakel, Soo Young Rieh, Beth St. Jean, Karen Markey and Jihyun Kim
The Creation and Destruction of the 1890 Federal Census
 Robert L. Dorman
Documentation Strategy: Mastodon or Retro-Success?
 Doris J. Malkmus
Vatican Archives: An Inventory and Guide to Historical Documents of the Holy See—A Ten-Year Retrospective
 Francis X. Blouin, Jr., Elizabeth Yakel and Leonard A. Coombs
Saving, Rebuilding, or Making: Archival (Re) Constructions in Moving Image Archives
 Steven Ricci
It's Complicated: Barriers to EAD Implementation
 Sonia Yaco
Student Archival Research Activity: An Exploratory Study
 Xiaomu Zhou
Archival Orientation for Undergraduate Students: An Exploratory Study of Impact
 Wendy M. Duff and Joan M. Cherry
Digital Curation/Digital Archiving: A View from the National Archives of Australia
 Adrian Cunningham
Archival Foreclosure: A Scholar's Lawsuit Against the Estate of James Joyce
 Robert E. Spoo
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