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『Archives and Records』Vol. 36, Issue 1

『Archives and Records』Vol. 36, Issue 1(2015年)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Archival practices and the practice of archives in the visual arts
 Sue Breakell
The Glasgow Miracle Project: working with an arts organization's archives
 Susannah Waters
Curatorial constructs: archives in fine art exhibitions
 Alan Crookham
All the moments of our lives: self-archiving from Christian Boltanski to lifelogging
 David Houston Jones
A voice in-between: the Women's Audio Archive Marysia Lewandowska artist/archivist/collector of missing texts
 Caroline Gausden
MoRE, an archive of signs and traces of artistic practices: creating a tool for research in contemporary art and curatorial practices
 Francesca Zanella, Ilaria Bignotti, Elisabetta Modena & Marco Scotti
Sabina Sutherland (1954–2014)
 Peter Durrant
Book Reviews
Records and information management
 Lee J. Pretlove
Managing and sharing research data, a guide to good practice
 Timothy Gollins
Organizing exhibitions: A handbook for museums, libraries and archives
 Laurence Ward
Archives and archivists 2: current trends, new voices
 Jane Maxwell
Elizabethan naval administration
 Steven Gunn
Libraries and archives: a comparative study
 Elizabeth Shepherd
Do miners read Dickens? Origins and progress of the South Wales Miners' Library 1973–2013
 Susan J. Davies
English vernacular minuscule from Æthelred to Cnut circa 990 – circa 1035
 James Lloyd
Information governance and assurance: reducing risk, promoting policy
 David Bridge
Informal justice in England and Wales 1760–1914: The courts of popular opinion
 Nell Darby
Through the archival looking glass: a reader on diversity and inclusion
 Stephen Scarth
Linked data for libraries, archives and museums: how to clean, link and publish your metadata
 Andrew Janes
Conceptualizing 21st-century archives
 Michael Moss
The future of scholarly communication
 Valerie Johnson