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『Archives and Records』Vol. 36, Issue 2

『Archives and Records』Vol. 36, Issue 2(2015年)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Generic evolution and the online archival catalogue
 Heather MacNeil & Jennifer Douglas
Adoption of ISAD(G) in practice: a close look at the standardization process of ISAD(G) in a manuscript archives of Korea
 Eunha Youn
From broadcasting to archiving: the Southern African public service broadcast archives
 Ilse Assmann & Martie Mearns
‘Isn’t it information assets we’re really talking about?’ A discourse analysis of a panel discussion on digital archives
 Ann-Sofie Klareld
New methods of analysing archival exhibitions
 Emma Howgill
Developing a research methodology to explore whether the architecture and environment of reading rooms has an effect on readers' behaviour, and specifically handling
 Madelin Evans
Opinion Piece
Dodos in the archives: rebranding the archival profession to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century within ESARBICA
 Francis Garaba
Book Reviews
The First World War Diaries of Emma Duffin Belfast Voluntary Aid Detachment Nurse
 Fiona Bourne
Integrity in government through records management: essays in honour of Anne Thurston
 Stuart Orr
Maps, their untold stories: map treasures from the National Archives
 P.D.A. Harvey
Rare books and special collections
 Bernard Meehan
A World of Paper: Louis XIV, Colbert de Torcy, and the Rise of the Information State
 Valerie Johnson
Sir Henry Lee (1533–1611): Elizabethan courtier
 Robert F.W. Smith
The 1851 Census of Religious Worship: Church, Chapel and Meeting Place in mid-nineteenth-century Warwickshire
 Tim Powell
Les ego-archives: traces documentaries et recherché du soi
 Alexandrina Buchanan
The First World War Letters of Philip and Ruth Hewetson
 Michael Page
Surr Carl Newton (1935–2014)
 Peter Emmerson
Allan Seaman (1930–2015)
 David Butler
Joan Sinar (1925–2015)
 Philip Riden