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『Archives and Records』Vol. 35, Issue 2

『Archives and Records』Vol. 35, Issue 2(2014年)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Constructing archives of the Occupy movement
 John Erde
Towards an archival collecting plan for the records generated by the Portuguese community-based organizations in the Gauteng Province of South Africa
 Antonio Rodrigues, Thomas van der Walt & Patrick Ngulube
Identity, records and archival evidence: exploring the needs of Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants
 Michael Jones & Cate O'Neill
Digital preservation and knowledge in the public archives: for whom?
 Tarvo Kärberg
Angela Raspin (1938–2013)
 Sue Donnelly
Kathryn Rolph (1953–2012)
 Liz Bregazzi
Jean Ayton, B.A., A.L.A. (1929–2013)
 Richard Bond & Dora Rayson
Book Reviews
The E-copyright handbook
 Tim Padfield
Emergency planning and response for libraries, archives and museums
 Birthe Christensen
The no-nonsense guide to legal issues in Web 2.0 and cloud computing
 Susan Graham
Essential law for information professionals
 Malcolm Todd
Practical digital preservation: a how-to guide for organizations of any size
 Simon Wilson
Delivering research data management services: fundamentals of good practice
 Michael Moss
The whirlpool of misadventures: letters of Robert Paston, First Earl of Yarmouth, 1663–1679
 Robert F.W. Smith
The allure of the archives
 Dr Valerie Johnson
Records management and information culture: tackling the people problem
 Matthew Stephenson
The boundaries of the literary archives: reclamation and representation
 Judy Burg
Archives and recordkeeping – theory into practice
 Sarah Millard & Margherita Orlando
Archives and societal provenance – Australian essays
 Dr Andrew Flinn
Exhibits in archives and special collections libraries
 Laurence Ward
Management basics for information professionals
 Janice Tullock