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『American Archivist』Volume 75, Issue 2

『American Archivist』Volume 75, Issue 2(2012年秋冬号)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Research Article
"Dust Clouds of Camels Shall Cover You": Covenant and the Archival Endeavor
 Scott Cline
The Economic Impact of Archives: Surveys of Users of Government Archives in Canada and the United States
 Elizabeth Yakel, Wendy Duff, Helen Tibbo, Adam Kriesberg and Amber Cushing
Saddam Hussein's Records of Atrocity: Seizure, Removal, and Restitution
 Bruce Montgomery
Archival Document Packets: A Teaching Module in Advocacy Training Using the Papers of Governor Dick Thornburgh
 Richard Cox, Janet Alcalá and Leanne Bowler
Mythmaking and the Archival Record: The Titanic Disaster as Documented in the Archives of the Seamen's Church Institute of New York and New Jersey
 Johnathan Thayer
Distribution and Consumption Patterns of Archival Moving Images in Online Environments
 Karen Gracy
A Defense of Native Americans' Rights over Their Traditional Cultural Expressions
 Kay Mathiesen
Saving-Over, Over-Saving, and the Future Mess of Writers' Digital Archives: A Survey Report on the Personal Digital Archiving Practices of Emerging Writers
 Devin Becker and Collier Nogues
How Games Can Help Us Access and Understand Archival Images
 Mary Flanagan and Peter Carini
Students as Donors to University Archives: A Study of Student Perceptions with Recommendations
 Jessica Wagner and Debbi Smith
Book Reviews
 Amy Cary, Paul Conway, David Kay, Lori Birrell, Anna Stadick and Jeremy Brett