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『American Archivist』Volume 75, Issue 1

『American Archivist』Volume 75, Issue 1(2012年春夏号)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Presidential Address
On the Occasion of SAA's Diamond Jubilee: A Profession Coming of Age in the Digital Era (with an introduction by Jane Kenamore)
 Helen Tibbo
Theodore Calvin Pease Award
Providing Virtual Services to All: A Mixed-Method Analysis of the Website Accessibility of Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL) Member Repositories
 Lora Davis
Research Article
The Inquisitor as Archivist, or Surprise, Fear, and Ruthless Efficiency in the Archives
 Jessie Sherwood
The Lives of Others: East German State Security Service's Archival Legacy
 Karsten Jedlitschka
Crippling the Archives: Negotiating Notions of Disability in Appraisal and Arrangement and Description
 Sara White
Community Archives and the Limitations of Identity: Considering Discursive Impact on Material Needs
 Cristine Paschild
Leveraging Encoded Archival Description for Access to Digital Content: A Cost and Usability Analysis
 Jody DeRidder, Amanda Presnell and Kevin Walker
Hidden Collections within Hidden Collections: Providing Access to Printed Ephemera
 Rebecca Altermatt and Adrien Hilton
The Heart of the Matter: The Developmental History of African American Archives
 Rabia Gibbs
Case Study
Representation through Documentation: Acquiring Student and Campus Life Records through the Bruin Archives Project
 Sarah Buchanan and Katie Richardson
"Metaphors for Life Itself": Historical Photograph Albums, Archives, and the Shape of Experience and Memory
 Jeffrey Mifflin
Book Reviews
 Amy Cary, Jeannette Bastian, Ryan Speer, Anne Gilliland, Elena Danielson, Joseph Turrini and Joyce Latham