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『American Archivist』Volume 78, Issue 2

『American Archivist』Volume 78, Issue 2(2015年秋冬号)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

The Archival Profession and Society
 Gregory S. Hunter
Reconciling the Inalienability Doctrine with the Conventions of War
 Bruce Montgomery
Planning for Archival Repositories: A Common-Sense Approach
 Timothy G. Nutt and Diane F. Worrell
Being Assumed Not to Be: A Critique of Whiteness as an Archival Imperative
 Mario H. Ramirez
Archives Microblogs and Archival Culture in China
 Zhiying Lian
Archival Divides and Foreign Countries? Historians, Archivists, Information-Seeking, and Technology: Retrospect and Prospect
 Alex H. Poole
Failure Is an Option: The Experimental Archives Project Puts Archival Innovation to the Test
 Mary O. Murphy, Laura Peimer, Genna Duplisea and Jaimie Fritz
Wisconsin School for Girls Inmate Record Books: A Case Study of Redacted Digitization
 Laura Farley and Eric Willey
A Defense of Preservation in the Age of MPLP
 Jessica Phillips
Marketing Finding Aids on Social Media: What Worked and What Didn't Work
 Felicia Williamson, Scott Vieira and James Williamson
2013 Archival Program Graduates and the Entry-Level Job Market
 Matthew R. Francis
STEM Undergraduates and Archival Instruction: A Case Study at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
 Lindsay Anderberg
Review Essay: Instruction and Archives
 Heather Briston
Archives and Archivists 2: Current Trends, New Voices
 Christopher M. Laico
Archives and Recordkeeping: Theory into Practice
 Brian Shetler
Extensible Processing for Archives and Special Collections: Reducing Processing Backlogs
 Rosemary K. J. Davis
Using Functional Analysis in Archival Appraisal: A Practical and Effective Alternative to Traditional Appraisal Methodologies
 Patricia Galloway
Exhibits in Archives and Special Collections Libraries
 Karla Irwin
The Preservation Management Handbook: A 21st Century Guide for Libraries, Archives and Museums
 Rebecca Elder
A Brief Preliminary Comment on “Being Assumed Not to Be”—And a Pledge This Will Not Become Ad Hominem Ad Infinitum
 Mark A. Greene
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