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『Archival Science』Vol. 15, Issue 2

『Archival Science』Vol. 15, Issue 2(2015年6月)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

The ever changing face of digital curation: introduction to the special issue on digital curation
 Milena Dobreva, Wendy M. Duff
Original Paper
How has your science data grown? Digital curation and the human factor: a critical literature review
 Alex H. Poole
Destruction/reconstruction: preservation of archaeological and zoological research data
 Rebecca D. Frank, Elizabeth Yakel, Ixchel M. Faniel
Towards mixed methods digital curation: facing specific adaptation in the artistic domain
 Guillaume Boutard
Digital curation and quality standards for memory institutions: PREFORMA research project
 Antonella Fresa, Börje Justrell, Claudio Prandoni