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『Records Management Journal』Vol. 25, Issue 1

『Records Management Journal』Vol. 25, Issue 1(2015年)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Diplomatics of born digital documents – considering documentary form in a digital environment
 Corinne Rogers
Digital diplomatics and forensics: going forward on a global basis
 Frederick B. Cohen
Object-oriented diplomatics: Using archival diplomatics in software application development to support authenticity of digital records
 Adam Jansen
Digital diplomatics and measurement of electronic public data qualities: What lessons should be learned?
 Basma Makhlouf Shabou
Correspondence as a documentary form, its persistent representation, and email management, preservation, and access
 Jane Zhang
French legal framework of digital evidence
 Antoine Meissonnier , Françoise Banat-Berger
Contemporary diplomatics of the civil and deceased estate case files found at the national archives of Zimbabwe
 Sindiso Bhebhe
Diplomatics in China
 Weimei Pan
Book review
The Final Charge
 Alistair Tough
Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums. How to Clean, Link and Publish your Metadata
 Alison Kay
Integrity in Government Through Records Management. Essays in Honour of Anne Thurston
 Alistair Tough