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『American Archivist』Volume 77, Issue 2

『American Archivist』Volume 77, Issue 2(2014年秋冬号)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Research Article
Archival Diasporas: A Framework for Understanding the Complexities and Challenges of Dispersed Photographic Collections
 Ricardo Punzalan
The Northwest Archivists Mentoring Program: A Case Study
 Donna McCrea, Elizabeth Nielsen and Anne Foster
F. Gerald Ham: Jeremiah to the Profession
 John Fleckner
Archival Literacy for History Students: Identifying Faculty Expectations of Archival Research Skills
 Sammie Morris, Lawrence Mykytiuk and Sharon Weiner
The C-SPAN Video Archives: A Case Study
 Robert Browning
Archival Ideals and the Pursuit of a Moderate Disposition
 Scott Cline
Metrics and Matrices: Surveying the Past to Create a Better Future
 Libby Coyner and Jonathan Pringle
MPLP as Intentional, not Necessarily Minimal, Processing: The Rudolf W. Becking Collection at Humboldt State University
 Adrienne Harling
Breaking the Language Barrier: Describing Chicano Archives with Bilingual Finding Aids
 Elizabeth Dunham and Xaviera Flores
Preserving the Voices of Revolution: Examining the Creation and Preservation of a Subject-Centered Collection of Tweets from the Eighteen Days in Egypt
 Timothy Arnold and Walker Sampson
Increasing Access in 140 Characters or Less: Or, What Are Archival Institutions Doing on Twitter?
 Adam Kriesberg
The War of 1812 in 140 Characters or Less: "SuperCool or Super Un-tweet Worthy?"
 Katy Lalonde, Chris Sanagan and Sean Smith
 Amy Cary, Jarrett Drake, Richard Cox, Doris Malkmus, Cheryl Oestreicher, Tonia Sutherland and Florence Turcotte