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『American Archivist』Volume 76, Issue 1

『American Archivist』Volume 76, Issue 1(2013年春夏号)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Presidential Address
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Archival Profession and Future Challenges (with an introduction by Robert P. Spindler)
 Gregor Trinkaus-Randall
Theodore Calvin Pease Award
Like a Box of Chocolates: A Case Study of User-Contributed Content at Footnote
 Pamela Mayer
Research Article
Archives Beyond the Pale: Negotiating Legal and Ethical Entanglements after the Belfast Project
 Christine George
Archival Reference Knowledge
 Wendy Duff, Elizabeth Yakel and Helen Tibbo
Documenting Regional Latino Arts and Culture: Case Studies for a Collaborative, Community-Oriented Approach
 Tracy Grimm and Chon Noriega
Rethinking Inalienability: Trusting Nongovernmental Archives in Transitional Societies
 Michelle Caswell
Appraising Content for Value in the New World: Establishing Expedient Documentary Presence
 Daniel Caron and Richard Brown
When Archival Description Meets Digital Object Metadata: A Typological Study of Digital Archival Representation
 Jane Zhang and Dayne Mauney
Documenting Maryland Women State Legislators: The Politics of Collecting Women's Political Papers
 Elizabeth Novara
"A Smart Parchment-Rooter": Hubert Hall, British Archives and American Scholarship, 1880-1940
 Margaret Procter
Collaborative Education between Classroom and Workplace for Archival Arrangement and Description: Aiming for Sustainable Professional Education
 Donghee Sinn
 Amy Cary, Brenda Gunn, Peter Blodgett, Jonathan Pringle, Elizabeth Novara, Daria D'Arienzo, Cassandra Schmitt and Sharon Pullen