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『Records Management Journal』Vol. 24, Issue 3

『Records Management Journal』Vol. 24, Issue 3(2014年)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

The Norwegian Noark Model requirements for EDRMS in the context of open government and access to governmental information
 Olav Hagen Sataslaatten
Winds of change: A recordkeeping informatics approach to information management needs in data-driven research environments
 Joanne Evans , Barbara Reed , Henry Linger , Simon Goss , David Holmes , Jan Drobik , Bruce Woodyat , Simon Henbest
Size matters: The implications of volume for the digital archive of tomorrow – a case study from the UK national archives
 Valerie Johnson , Sonia Ranade , David Thomas
Challenges to born-digital institutional archiving: the case of a New York art museum
 Anthony Cocciolo
Book review
Records Management and Information Culture
 Elizabeth Lomas
Managing and Sharing Research Data. A Guide to Good Practice
 Sue Childs
Information Governance and Assurance; Reducing Risk, Promoting Policy
 Leanne Bridges
Organising Exhibitions: A Handbook for Museums, Libraries and Archives
 Jane Maxwell