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『Records Management Journal』Vol. 24, Issue 2

『Records Management Journal』Vol. 24, Issue 2(2014年)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

The mapping, selecting and opening of data: The records management contribution to the Open Data project in Girona City Council
 Lluís Esteve Casellas Serra
Whither the retention schedule in the era of big data and open data?
 John McDonald , Valerie Léveillé
Meeting Big Data challenges with visual analytics: The role of records management
 Victoria Louise Lemieux , Brianna Gormly , Lyse Rowledge
Opening research data: issues and opportunities
 Sue Childs , Julie McLeod , Elizabeth Lomas , Glenda Cook
Open data?: Data, information, document or record?
 Erik Borglund , Tove Engvall
Book review
Delivering Research Data Management Services: Fundamentals of Good Practice
 Ellen Cole