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『Archival Science』Vol. 14, Issue 3-4

『Archival Science』Vol. 14, Issue 3-4(2014年10月)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

In Memoriam: Terry Cook (1947–2014)
 Karen Anderson, Gillian Oliver, Elizabeth Yakel
Defining human rights archives: introduction to the special double issue on archives and human rights
 Michelle Caswell
Antonyms of our remembering
 Verne Harris
Reclaiming erased lives: archives, records and memories in post-war Bosnia and the Bosnian diaspora
 Hariz Halilovich
Moving past: probing the agency and affect of recordkeeping in individual and community lives in post-conflict Croatia
 Anne J. Gilliland
Stories for Hope–Rwanda: a psychological–archival collaboration to promote healing and cultural continuity through intergenerational dialogue
 David A. Wallace, Patricia Pasick, Zoe Berman, Ella Weber
Toward a survivor-centered approach to records documenting human rights abuse: lessons from community archives
 Michelle Caswell
Break the rules, save the records: human rights archives and the search for justice in East Timor
 Geoffrey Robinson
Documenting and classifying labor: the effect of legal discourse on the treatment of H-2A workers
 Patricia Garcia
Insurgent citizens: the manufacture of police records in post-Katrina New Orleans and its implications for human rights
 Jarrett M. Drake
Archiving justice: conceptualizing the archives of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
 David Kaye
Mobilizing records: re-framing archival description to support human rights
 Stacy Wood, Kathy Carbone, Marika Cifor, Anne Gilliland, Ricardo Punzalan