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『Archival Science』Vol. 14, Issue 1

『Archival Science』Vol. 14, Issue 1(2014年3月)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Farewell and thank-you to Eric Ketelaar
 Elizabeth Yakel, Karen Anderson, Gillian Oliver
Questioning autonomy: an alternative perspective on the principles which govern archival description
 Jenny Bunn
End users’ trust in data repositories: definition and influences on trust development
 Ayoung Yoon
An archive of identity: the Central African Archives and Southern  Rhodesian history
 Lawrence Dritsas, Joan Haig
Samovars and quills: the representation of bureaucracy in mid-nineteenth-century Russian literature
 Michael Hughes
Accountability portrayed: documents on regents’ group portraits in the Dutch Golden Age
 Eric Ketelaar