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『Archival Science』Vol. 13, Issue 2-3

『Archival Science』Vol. 13, Issue 2-3(2013年6月)の主な内容は以下の通りです。

Memory, identity and the archival paradigm: introduction to the special issue
 Caroline Brown
Evidence, memory, identity, and community: four shifting archival paradigms
 Terry Cook
The records of memory, the archives of identity: celebrations, texts and archival sensibilities
 Jeannette A. Bastian
Artists and the film archive: re-creation—or archival replay
 Rachel Bracha
Professional minutia and their consequences: provenance, context, original identification, and anthropology at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois
 Susanne Belovari
Overcoming the apartheid legacy: the special case of the Freedom Charter
 Graham Dominy
Archiving for self-ascertainment, identity-building and permanent self-questioning: archives between scepticism and certitude
 Daniel J. Caron, Andreas Kellerhals
Invoking “collective memory”: mapping the emergence of a concept in archival science
 Trond Jacobsen, Ricardo L. Punzalan, Margaret L. Hedstrom
Historians, archivists, and social activism: benefits and costs
 Sonia Yaco, Beatriz Betancourt Hardy